swell beauty, laguna beach

hi guys! last week i got together with dee, owner of swell beauty salon and on-location hair/makeup services for special occasions in laguna beach for a couple projects, including not one but TWO hair tutorials! you're welcome.

dee is the funniest person and does the most intricate, detailed, beautiful work ever. she posts tutorials every week on her blog -- check her out!!

bohemian braided bridal

i was all ears when she did my hair and makeup for my mermaid bride shoot. truth: i had never had my makeup done before and i am the biggest beauty nerd ever so everything she used and everything she did was like the coolest thing ever to me. i am now using my beauty blender religiously and definitely going to be using her method for perfect glamorous curls that last for days. these curls are soooo versatile and easy to switch up. she gently brushed them out and separated the curls for a vintage glam look, and then shook them out, combed them through, teased my hair up and turned the curls into a wild, loose, more laid-back look.

perfect curls method