cheap thrills

today i'm sharing a list of my very favorite drug store beauty finds. my every-day-wear, must-have, very-favorite purchases. most of these gems can be found at any drug store and can definitely be purchased at target (i'm a big target shopper, you know) and they will totally rock your world, promise!

NYX eyebrow pusuh-up bra - $10

i bought this eyebrow pencil after i ran out of the trusty maybelline one i had used for years. the packaging claims to be a match for every color, which is quite a tall order, so i decided to put it to the test. it is incredibly creamy and easy to use and the color was perfect for me. not too warm and not too ashy, just a really nice neutral. my favorite part of the pencil is the highlighter...i use it underneath my eyebrow before i put on eyeshadow and it gives the perfect highlighting base and instantly makes me look more alert and awake. it is also great to use on the lower waterline as a white eyeliner. this makes the eyes appear larger and brighter. the only downfall to this pencil is that it doesn't fit generic eyeliner sharpeners and you have to buy the NYX one for almost $5 when you can get normal sharpeners for under $1. but hey, such is life and this is a great product.

maybelline baby lips dr. rescue in coral crush - $3.50

i am a huge fan of these guys and i think i have four stashed in my purse at the moment. this is the perfect sheer color for everyday wear. not too bright, not too orange, not too pink, just a nice subtle wash of coral. it makes the lips so soft and the medicated line leaves a tingly, minty sensation that makes you feel like all your lip woes are being healed. if you are not into that, the other baby lips lines are wonderful too.

st. ives timeless skin collagen elastin moisturizer - $6

this is probably my favorite product of all time; i love love love love this moisturizer and put it on all day, every day. i found it on pinterest, with the caption that dr. oz had recommended it, and really that dr. oz knows what's up. before this lotion, i had never found a lotion that i could wear under my foundation without making it look splotchy or greasy. this makes my makeup look flawless and dewy and i think it acts as a sort of primer for it as well. it's light and airy and smells wonderful and it feels like silky perfection on your face. i am all about that anti-aging life but i really don't know what elastin is or anything about anti-aging for that matter, but i'm willing to bet this stuff really does what it says in that aspect because i believe in dr. oz! i convinced my husband to start wearing it to bed a couple months ago (he used to get bad razor burn on his face) and this has made a huge difference for him. he now wears it morning and night and i am glad because i keep telling him that i'm going to be a super hot 50 year old so he better hop on that anti-aging bus too.

NYX powder blush in taupe - $5

the search is over, this is the perfect contour color. highlighting and contouring is all the rage, but a lot of people contour with bronzers that are too orange or too red or too brown or too sparkly and that doesn't look like a shadow (that contouring is supposed to look like), it looks like bronzer (because it is bronzer.) this is a cool, almost grey color that goes on like butter and looks so natural. i apply it with a fluffy brush (i flatten/squish it to make it a proportionate shape, if that makes sense) -- a lot of people will tell you to use a skinny brush and draw a line and then blend it out, but that doesn't look natural on my face and doesn't give me enough contrast -- in the hollows of my cheeks, down the edges of my nose, on my jawline/down my neck, and framing my forehead. it's a wonderful contouring color and you won't regret it! ps. i ordered this online because i never saw this color at target. it shipped fast and they gave me a free lip liner, which was cool with me!

E.L.F. studio endless eyes pro mini eyeshadow palette in natural - $6

i bought this for my sister for christmas a couple years ago and eventually stole it from is such a great palette of silky and pigmented shadows that go so well and last all day if paired with the E.L.F. eyeshadow primer. the palette has a mix of both matte and shimmering shadows and can be used for virtually any type of look - natural, smokey eyes, cat eyes, etc. it has both warm and cool tones and enough lighter/highlighting shades to be compatible for every person with any type of skin tone.

E.L.F. studio flawless concealer brush - $3

until i bought this brush, i didn't really get what concealer was about. i would always read that people couldn't live without concealer and blah blah blah and i just didn't understand. whenever i tried to apply concealer under my eyes, even with the world famous beauty blender, it would get splotchy and in my fine lines and it looked awful. concealer was something i used for blemishes and that's it. i bought this brush after reading the rave reviews and all the reviews are spot on -- it is really a miracle brush. it somehow smooths everything and gives a flawless, airbrushed look. my concealer is never clumpy or cakey looking. i am obsessed with this brush and can't believe it's only $3. purchase it asap!!

sonia kashuk liquid light concealer in halo 09 - $9

this is my favorite concealer. i've had brief affairs with the NYX one (it was a little too matte/not glowy enough for me, but still a great product!) and the sonia kashuk take cover concealer stick (a little too thick for me -- don't buy if you have dry skin) and i think this is just perfection. it is equal parts glowly and concealing and it is light enough to blend well and thick enough to provide ample coverage. i apply it under my eyes, down the bridge of my nose and anywhere else i may need coverage, blend it with the E.L.F. flawless concealer brush, and it is wonderful. it doesn't make me break out and is a perfect addition to your highlight/contour routine.

wet n wild fergie centerstage collection reflect shimmer palette in rose champagne glow - $9

i bought this after i read it was a dupe for mac's soft and gentle, and although i have never used soft and gentle, this is just about as perfect of a highlight as they come. it is natural and not too shimmery or glittery and it just gives a beautiful dewy glow. it isn't too pink or red (the name rose champagne kind of scared me) and i can't say enough good things about it. i use it as the last step in my makeup routine and dust it on the tops of my cheekbones, down the bridge of my nose, on the center of my forehead and chin, and on my collarbones.

pixi beauty bronzer in subtly suntouched - $14

i got this in my ipsy bag a couple months ago and didn't really know what to do with it at first because it's too light to use as a traditional bronzer for me. however, i find myself reaching for it all the time to wear over my contour for a glowy, subtle summer glow. it is very sheer and brown and natural looking, but it gives just a touch of luminosity that makes me look like i am walking around with perfect candle-lighting following me. it also comes in a darker color, a more traditional bronzer, but i haven't tried that color!

l'oreal voluminous mascara - $6

this is one of my all-time favorite mascaras. the big fluffy brush gives you big fluffy lashes that don't clump and are easily build-able. my favorite trick is to use this mascara after i've curled my lashes and in between coating my lashes with baby powder via a q-tip -- the baby powder coats my lashes and helps the mascara make them that much longer and fuller without looking spider-y or scraggley.

E.L.F. studio makeup mist and set spray - $3

i bought this on a whim one day and am so glad i did; it seems like i am always finding new uses for it. i spray it all over my face after i'm done with my makeup and i've found that it keeps me matte all day long. it does have a funky smell, but it doesn't bother me really. my favorite way to use it is on a dry beauty blender to keep makeup from falling into my fine lines. i spray a dry beauty blender and dab it along my laugh-lines, around my nose, and in between my eyes -- all the places that makeup can settle into. it both removes excess makeup and pushes it into my skin, keeping it from turning into unsightly makeup build-up.