woes of the gypsy life

there are a lot of perks to my husband's job...the biggest of which is that eight months out of the year, he gets to be a stay-at-home-dad. it is priceless to me and i know that the special relationship david and ava have is largely due to that. but the downside of this crazy job is that we move every summer -- from april through august -- and that can be really hard. it's meant that i've never unpacked my belongings for more than a couple months, it means david is incredibly talented at fitting all of our stuff in our hybrid, and it means that i never have set up a nursery for ava.

so here i am, sitting in this hotel room, watching my daughter destroy everything in her path. package of q-tips? thrown everywhere. bag of toys? currently being dragged across the room. i am really into letting her be and letting her live. it's easier than fighting with her and i think that in the long run, letting her touch and experience and even fall sometimes is going to ultimately teach her. but anyway, she's now demolishing a puzzle and i am dreaming about the day when we will have a place of our own and ava will have a designated room for these blessed disasters. oh someday...someday soon, my friends!

i put together this design board today after i was initially inspired by this room and the gold dot decals i found on pinterest. i have been planning on using those little golden gems and this  coral/pink for some time now... that combination looks like ava to me.

i snagged that z-gallerie pouf a couple months ago when i found it for $45 at the store. my ava has the most gorgeous golden hair, and i have always imagined using gold/glam accents in her room. the pouf was truly heaven sent, i tell ya! i imagine it being used as an ottoman for the white wooden rocking chair i inherited from my mom. she rocked all her babies in that chair and although i was never much of a rocker when ava was a baby, i love having it and i hope ava grows up to read books and rock in it.

i have always been in love with that ikea chandelier. i think it is feminine and contemporary and whimsical and i love the giant orb-ness of it. i am a huge ikea fan. they really have unbeatable prices for basics like picture frames and curtains. those understated, sheer curtains are all of $8...yes please. i have been searching craigslist to find a hemnes chest of drawers like the one pictured above and i think it's just a matter of time before one pops up. they are fairly priced new at $230, but i'm hoping to score one for around $100. a little facelift from overlays and some new knobs and we've got ourselves something real spiffy!

the caitlin wilson pillows are gorgeous...and really expensive...so we will see if i can find a cheaper alternative. i don't know if i could really go through with spending $150 on two pillows for my toddler's room, but it's nice to dream, right?? the black and white printed one is more my style at $16 :)

the printables are found on etsy and i've always wanted to frame a little piece of ava's clothing in a shadow box so we can always remember how tiny she was. she just outgrew her first pair of converse tennis shoes, so maybe those will make the wall. or maybe the little outfit she came home in, or her first bathing suit, really the possibilities are endless when you have an adorable tiny human with adorable little clothes.