insta catch-up

my battery charged mysteriously got lost in the abyss and i finally bit the bullet and bought another one today. that's $40 down the drain! and i hate to pour money down the drain. but it had to be done because i hate missing out on documenting life even more.

so in case you were wondering where i've been the past ten days, let me catch you up via my instagram:

ava is no longer the world's greatest sleeper (it was short-lived but pretty awesome) and through several nights of me climbing into her pack n play with her, she now sleeps in her very own queen sized bed like a little princess. oy vey.

these cotton on you have any yet? they are a wardrobe staple and i think they're my most favorite shirts of all time. (this short sleeved version...i need.)

this one morning i woke up and barfed and it was the freaking pits! i hate to barf. it's just about the worst thing that's ever happened to me. but i tell ya what, nothing makes you appreciate the times you feel good like nausea. (ps. for the record, i am 0% pregnant. i just barfed. it happens.)

ava and i found a nice little enclosed patio that we like to frequent every day from 12-1 while housekeeping cleans our room. it's nice to soak up the sun and i just bought a crate at walmart that i fill with water and let ava play in. it's like a tiny toddler-sized swimming pool and i love catching me some vitamin d.

we've started a little sunday tradition of getting giant waffle cones at this little homemade ice cream shop here in town. coconut pie ice cream was a real game changer for me.

but not every day is cheat day, unfortunately. six days out of the week i try to eat skinny and pretend i'm eating coconut pie ice cream when i'm really eating bananas with whipped cream. (it's actually pretty good! key: banana has to be cold.)

along with her new weird sleeping habits, she is also really into falling asleep on my body. which is cool if you're cuddling a tiny newborn, but a 26lb toddler with pizza breath is not ideal for all-night snuggles and sleep-deprived mommas.


ava watching the summer lightning storm and waiting for her dada to come home from work.

arm definition? nice to meet you! i am still working out and it is still hard and my body is still changing. and i still really like to collect work out clothes and take selfies in my sports bra.

so that's that, ya'll.

big stuff is going on here in gillette, wy.

in case you were wondering.