around my home with p&g unstopables

sometimes i really like to toot my own horn and the other day i was just thinking about how grateful david is to have me as a homemaker. you are probably rolling your eyes at this, but really...the poor guy had a borrowed hawaiian flower print comforter when he went to college and that is it. maybe he had a fitted sheet on his mattress, but he lived off of beef jerky and protein shakes and his apartment was gross. it smelled like boys. do you know what i mean? boy smell? ew. so i always like to remind him of what life was like before he married me and how all of the nice beautiful things we have in our home have come from me. i am a homemaker and i take a lot of pride in that; i've created home and home is so much more than a place.

today i'm sharing a couple tips for creating a beautiful home and i've teamed up with p&g unstoppables and the one and only nake berkus. unstopables is a new, crave-worthy collection of air, home and fabric care products that smell so fresh and clean and create a sort of "scent decor" for your home.

unstopables in-wash scent booster: these little beads are life-changers! not only are they super fun to throw in the ground (just ask ava!!) but they make your laundry smell unbelievable! you shake them in with your wash and you can either shake in a little or a lot, but i promise you won't regret it! i love to use them when we wash our towels or sheets. there is nothing like climbing into fresh sheets that smell like heaven at night.

unstopables fabric refresher: this stuff is awesome for our couch, our throw pillows, our draperies, and the shower curtain. it instantly gives the room a little pick-me-up and it's a great chore for toddler-aged kids. ava loves to go around and spray things and i don't worry too much about it because we won't have any leather, suede, or silk fabrics in this household. #firsttimehomeowners

unstopables air refresher: (not pictured) i am super guilty of spraying this just before we have company over in hopes that people will think that they smell cleanliness and then they will assume our house is cleaner than it is...i maybe just gave away my secret but i think it might work? you're welcome for the tip.

unstopables scented oil warmer + oil refill: perfect for your entryway so your guests can be greeted with a fresh scent or perfect to keep your bathroom smelling clean. these come with two scents that coordinate together and switch off, so it's always giving off a new smell that never gets old.

unstopables candle: david makes fun of me because of my love for candles, but really there is nothing i love more than putting ava down the night, having a clean kitchen, and lighting a candle while i sit on the couch and do whatever i want. those moments are too rare, but maybe i am crazy but i swear having a lit candle just dissolves the angst from the day. these unstopables candles smell clean and fresh without being too "scenty" and they last a really long time.

one of my favorite nake burkus tips for the home is that everyone deserves to live beautifully. whether your idea of beautiful is the same as mine or not, make your home a place that you find beautiful! put fresh flowers out, display your favorite photos, put some crisp white sheets on your bed to make your room feel fancy and hotel-like. by washing with the p&g unstopables in-wash scent booster, you can feel that fancy, hotel-like luxe for weeks.

I was selected for this opportunity as a member of Clever Girls and the content and opinions expressed here are all my own.