my makeup box, as of late

i haven't posted in a while but i finally finished the entire series of parenthood and now ava's nap times should surely be spent being productive, right?? right. so here i am, posting about what's in the shoebox of makeup that i carry around with me from hotel-to-hotel. because cute makeup bags are soooo overrated.

are you ready? it's going to be super fun. ready...go.

loreal true match lumi

i wasn't pumped on this when i first bought it, and now for the life of me i can't remember why because i love it and this is my second bottle. it has perfect buildable coverage while somehow mimicking skin's actual really just looks like real skin, except better. i think that's where the lumi part comes in? because real skin isn't completely matte, ya know? anyway, i apply with a damp beauty blender and i'm a big fan.

younique fiber lash 3d mascara

look guys, i really wanted to love this. honestly, i did. but i don't. for a couple reasons...1. it is freaking expensive. i paid $40 for this stuff...and that is the cost of 5 tubes of loreal voluminous (which i think is actually the best mascara) so for $40, i was expecting this stuff to be incredible. but it's just not for me. 2. it's messy, the fibers fall off EVEN when i put on extra coats of the gel, and the fibers get in your eyes and are irritating, and let's be honest here, if you have 15 minutes to do your freaking eyelashes (which is how long this stuff takes to put on a see a difference) then just go ahead and put on some false lashes that are going to look way better and take half the time?? so 3. it is way time consuming. anyway, i wasn't a fan of the product and then i was really not a fan of the product after they wouldn't reimburse my $10 shipping even after they boast this whole "love it or send it back!" crap. more like "don't love it? sorry, you're still out $10!" save yourself some money and go buy some loreal voluminous and a couple pairs of E.L.F. false lashes for $1 that are a sinch to put on and make a huge impact and don't take up your whole day and don't look like a clumpy mess.

NYX matte setting spray

i thought i loved the E.L.F. setting spray, but i love this one so much more! it's a couple more dollars, but it lasts longer and it will keep your makeup on i feel like i am naked without it and love to spray my face! i haven't tried the dewy one, but i lean more toward a dewy look and this hasn't been too matte for me, if that even makes sense? i just really really like it. go buy it, okay?

NYX butter lipstick in "pops"

i got this in my march ipsy bag and i was really excited to try it because i love NYX butter glosses! this has a great texture and i dig the color would be a great nude for a darker skintone, but as i'm pretty fair it gives a very cool kylie-jenner-90s look.