thank you, dear nordstrom

it's that time of year when everyone starts freaking out over the nordstrom anniversary sale. and you guys, i freaking get it! it is awesome to buy stuff on sale and then watch it go back up to full price. and it's also really fun to see all the new fall fashions come out and fantasize about cooler weather because it's almost august and we're almost over the heat. i want to put some boots on please.

and i'd be lying if i said i didn't hop on that preselect and spend hours going over the selection. and i'd also be lying if i said that i didn't pull the trigger and buy anything. i did.

but here's the real kicker...

we are all freaking out over the anniversary sale when the greatest gift nordstrom gave to us this year was BY FAR nordstrom rack online. remember that??

so let's do a little comparison, shall we?

from what i've seen, black over the knee boots are going to be big this fall. these are the vince camuto "baldwin" over the knee boots on sale for $165 for the anniversary sale.

and while they are beautiful, say hello to the selection of black over the knee boots available at nordstrom rack online for a fraction of the price:

and even if you're like "but emma, i really want real leather..." i got ya covered with that pair of $127's.

but maybe that comparison isn't convincing enough for you. let me give you another.

those vince camuto boots for $165? for the price of those babies, i bought a total of four pairs of boots.

yes, four.

sooo for $165, you could get all of these:

or all of these:

or both of these:

really, the possibilities are endless and nordstrom rack has a ginormous selection of really really cute boots.

you feel me on this?!

here's to getting the most bang for your buck!

happy shopping, ya'll.