all black everything

i was inspired to hit the halloween aisle at the 99 cent store through pinterest. i found this really creative skeleton wreath made out of bones back when pinterest wasn't even cool yet, and ever since i've wanted to recreate it. we ran some errands this morning and went to the 99 cent store and i'll be honest, it's always an adventure and always filled with characters. we picked up some halloween themed rubber duckies for ava and some crazy lady immediately told us we couldn't have them because they cause cancer. it was kind of awkward? like okay thanks for telling me, now do you expect me to pry them out of my daughter's hands? while she's like in love quacking with them? okay...?

i instantly wanted to use these black roses. they came in bundles of 5 and i thought that was a steal. i wanted to make something chic and contemporary and i have to tell ya, the 99 cent store really made a girl's dreams come true today. 

all black errything halloween wreath

via the 99 cent store for a whopping $12

you need:

any wreath base (the uglier, the better. you'll feel more accomplished)

approximately 40 black silk roses (8 sets) 

1 mini skull (i like sparkles and this guy lights up which makes him a double winner in my book) 

black tool/lace/ribbon/anything to make a bow (this "bow" is actually made from a set of lace gloves and a dismantled floating skeleton thing that i got for $.50. holla)

hot glue gun

step 1:

find the cheapest/ugliest wreath you can.  


step 2:

clip the stems off of each rose and begin gluing them on the wreath. i found it easiest to keep my wreath even and proportionate by gluing in rows: one rose closest to the inside of the wreath, one closest to the outside of the wreath, and one in the middle. complete the wreath except for a small portion at the bottom; you need room for your sparkly skull! 

step 3:

fashion yourself a bow out of whatever material you can find either in your garage or in the 99 cent store aisle. don't be a perfectionist here, this is halloween and it's okay if this looks a little disheveled and scary. 'tis the season, my friends! tie or glue this bow onto the bottom of your wreath. i tied mine because my cheap/ugly base had rungs that made it easy.  

step 5:

place your skull at the designated spot at the bottom of your wreath. because my skull lights up and has a little on/off switch at the bottom, i did not glue him in. however, if you do not have a light up skull or if you want your skull to be extra secure, glue him in! make sure that your ugly wreath base is completely covered by gluing flower petals together to hide peek-a-boo spots if necessary.

step 6:

hang your wreath for all the world to see and admire your creative genius! and your money-saving genius! go brag to your husband about how much money you are saving him and how good of a decision marrying you was because you make cute babies and cute wreaths! double-whammy.

happy halloween!